Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Benefit "They're Real!" Mascara

This mascara claims to "lengthen, curl, volumize, lift, and separate".  I'll comment on how each of these qualities actually measure up.  I have been using this mascara for about a month now. It is described as a jet black, and it is. I love a black mascara so this was perfect for me.

Lengthening: I would say is lengthening but not to an extreme. I have somewhat long lashes already so it didn't bother me much.
Curling/Lifting: Yes! I don't know how, but this mascara does lift and curl the lashes. Making them appear more open. It may be due to the brush (more on that later in this post)
Volumizing: This definitely adds on some volume to your lashes. But because of this, a second coat makes lashes appear "spider-like". I just pile it on wet, rather than letting it dry before the second coat and that seems to help. But even then, if you put too much the spider effect can still happen.
Separating: This one is 50/50. If you only do one coat than it does an amazing job. BUT any more than one coat the lashes start to have the opposite effect, clumping to each other. As for me, its hard to resist a second coat of mascara.

Now for the brush. The last time I used a mascara brush with plastic teeth I was underwhelmed, so I was skeptical about using this one. To my surprise this brush works very well. It seems to really help in lifting and curling my lashes. It has teeth rounded over the tip to reach each and every one of you lashes or use for lower lashes. When you first take the brush out of the tube there is an excess of mascara on the tip. Unfortunate, since its meant to use on fine lashes and that would only create clumps. This could easily be fixed by wiping it off on the tube before use.

(One coat - did not use eye lash curler)

My over all impression of this mascara is that its a good one but not fantastic. Especially for the $22 price tag. It's waterproof so its also hard to get every last bit off. As for repurchasing, I think I can find and equivalent or better at the drug store.

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