Friday, March 2, 2012

Sally Hansen Color Quick CHROME

Most Sally Hansen products are found at your local drug store. These run for around $3.64.  It claims to be fast drying and give you a "manicure in minutes".

It's actually a "pen" that you click 5-7 times for the product to initially come out. It was given to me a few weeks ago & I just finally tried it. I got the color 08 Red Chrome. To me this actually looks like more of a pink chrome, but I'm a fan of the color regardless of the odd name choice.

After that I found 1-2 clicks was enough for each nail. Here's the result of 2 coats:
The formula is very streaky but settles somewhat while it's drying. If you have any ridges on your nails, unfortunately this product will show them. Even, exaggerate them. Probably easily corrected with a smoothing base coat.

I did find that it was very fast drying and therefore cut my manicure time way down. But I'm not overall ecstatic about this product. I may purchase if other colors are "amazing" and try to make it work with a different base coat. I don't have time very often to do my nails, so I like formulas that last long. Even if the cost is a little more.

after 2 days of wear

Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long. So the convenience of fast drying time is cut short by it's staying power.

*I always use a base and top coat, just FYI*