Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sugar Lip Polish by fresh.

This is a sugar scrub for your lips by fresh. It claims to leave "your skin incredibly soft and smooth". And let me tell you they're not lying! Plus it smells delicious, like brown sugar.

Retailing for $26.00 for 0.6oz, this product does not come cheap, As a matter of fact, I must have got this on sale. No way I would be able to spend that much money on this little jar I had never tried before. BUT with that being said, I would most defiantly buy this again. I have very dry lips and this works perfectly. It's my go-to for when I'm having a really bad lip day. This one jar has lasted several months, each use only reqires a tiny bit of product.

(how much I use)

First I massage the lip polish in small circles into my lips for a few sconds, just long enough to get some on my entire lips. Use a washcloth with warm water to clean lips and finish with a think lip balm or vaseline(surprisingly moisturing). And you've got incredibly soft lips!

Its best to do this first and start doing your hair or makeup after. This way your lip moisturizer will have time to soak in before you apply any lip products.
Bottom line - This product this is money well spent. One of my favorite products.


Judy said...

I wanna try this! Since my lips are always chapped!

yesenia said...

nice advice