Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SEPHORA Nail Patch Art: How To & Review

Hi everybody! This post will be about a nail trend I tried recently. The SEPHORA Nail Patch Art has only 5 designs to choose from. I opted for the pink cheetah.

The stickers come in an air tight package that they urge you not to open until your going to apply them. I assume they will most likely dry out otherwise. It comes with 8 various sizes to fit against your nail bed. I found one perfect for each of my nails. I would even imagine I could find matches for a pedicure.
I matched my nail size to the stickers as I went along. I recommend doing the same finger on each hand, then move on the the next. This way you don't lose its matching partner!

OK, onto application.. I started with clean, buffed nails.
  1. First you remove a transparent sheet on the top of the nail patch.
  2. Next, hold the silver tab in order to place the patch at the base of your nail bed. This step was rather hard for me. The polish isn't sticky at all so I had to hold the patch on the actual design to get it place just right.
  3. Push firmly all over nail to stick the patch securely.

    4. You can remove excess length buy pulling gently over the tip of nail. If the nail is too large of      a width you can use an orange stick to remove excess.
    5. Finish with a top coat and your done!

I had to keep pushing all of the edges down around my nails to finally get them to stick. Also, my nails would get stuck in my hair sometimes, because of edges that were coming up. I must say I'm pretty disappointed with how long these lasted for me. My mani only lasted about 4 days. With other sticker polishes they lasted 7 days! They were very cute when I first put them on but overall they're more trouble than their worth.

                                           after 2 days                                                              Day 4

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