Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I found these at my local Target for $6.49. I picked up the color 050 Berry Smoothie to try out. I was looking for something easy to throw on everyday for work when I'm in a time crunch.

 Its just a bit brighter than my natural lip shade. There's also some very subtle shimmer in this shade. I usually don't like shimmery lips but it works this time.

No primer, one swipe

The consistency of this is amazing! Similar to that of a tinted lip balm. I have really dry lips and usually only wear lipstick when I exfoliate my lips prior. Translation: When I have tons of time to get ready. So this was a perfect fit.
As for wear, it lasted me about 3 hours before I wanted to re-apply. The glossy appearance disappears after the first hour or so, but the color remains in tact. The formula wasn't drying at all. It actually eliminated the need for Chapstick during the day. Which is amazing for me, to say the least.

No product
Just applied
2 hours wear
I'm going back to get more shades soon.

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